SDR Pedreña

  • Address: C/ Ctra. Gral. s/nº (Close to Pedreña-Somo bridge), 39130 Pedreña.
  • Tlfn: 942 74 04 19
  • Web:

SDR PedreñaSociedad Deportiva Remo Pedreña begins in 1895. Since then it has been competing in main regattas held in the region, in all categories and modalities of fixed bench like “bateles”, “trainerillas” and “traineras” and occasionally also in mobile bench. Its track records is very extensive which includes the achievement of four “Banderas de la Concha” in San Sebastian, 8 Spanish Traineras Championships and several regattas of great importance as the “Bandera de Santander”.

A group of Pedreña rowing fans, after the birth of the ACT League, in 2003, organized to accompany the team where regattas of this competition took place. With this goal was founded in 2004, nonprofit, Sports Association PEDREÑA PEÑA DE SAN PEDRO. This was its origin, but over time, “the Peña,” as it is affectionately known, has become a benchmark in the Club. At present “La Peña” not only organizes trips, but also handles the openning and ending galas of the season, and their partners collaborate in other activities that the Club plans.